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Welcome to The Rentvesting Podcast!

If you’re a property owner, investor or looking to get into the market The Rentvesting Podcast will help cut through the hype, look at the facts and draw on decades of experience to help you make smarter property decisions.

Each week Red & Co Director, and Award Winning Finance Broker Jayden Vecchio will unpack the facts behind the property market, explain what’s really going & where the market is heading.

Are you ready to make better property decisions and learn to live where you want, but invest where you can afford?

Feb 13, 2016

In this Episode we chat to David Laverty, who after having lost $300k on the stock market has rebounded and built a property portfolio producing over $300k PA, as well as developed over 60 townhouses and apartments in the past 5 years. We get David's 3 simple but effective tips on developing a portfolio and a few clever ideas on how to buy right in property. So how is David any different from every other property developer? He sticks to developing and holding bread and butter properties that sell for the median house price in their suburb, and can always be rented - but thats not all. David has a few really critical tips on how to choose a suburb, the things to look for in the area and what can save you literally as a landlord. Yep it's a massive show, and regardless of whether you are a first time property investor, experienced developer or seasoned veteran in the property industry you will find this chat invaluable and useful to help you make smarter property decisions. EPISODE TIMELINE 00:41 Welcome & overview 01:27 Today’s guest introduction – David Laverty 03:05 Interview with David Laverty 17:53 My top 3 learnings fro my chat with David Laverty 19:28 Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests Music by