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Welcome to The Rentvesting Podcast!

If you’re a property owner, investor or looking to get into the market The Rentvesting Podcast will help cut through the hype, look at the facts and draw on decades of experience to help you make smarter property decisions.

Each week Red & Co Director, and Award Winning Finance Broker Jayden Vecchio will unpack the facts behind the property market, explain what’s really going & where the market is heading.

Are you ready to make better property decisions and learn to live where you want, but invest where you can afford?

Dec 10, 2016

Three's a crowd in today's episode. This week we've got Joshua Coleman - a valuer, buyers agent, finalist of 2016 Buyers Agent of the Year award. Josh breaks down a couple of things you wouldn't otherwise know when buying properties like the best and worst case's he's seen, and how to increase the valuation of your property and when not to. We go through - 1. For someone that sees a lot of deals, what are the worst deals you've seen? 2. What would be some signs you point out to people to spot a property spruiker? 3. Positives - what's the best deal you've seen? 4. What are some tips for people who are looking for a yielding asset? 5. Back to the yields, obviously a yield is derived from the price and obviously the market is pretty expensive for property at the moment, so increasing people's rentals. When you value a property, what were the major things that can increase or decrease the valuation? 6 .If you've got an investment property in the suburbs, what are some simple tips to extract the most value? 7. People are time poor, but what do you do differently to - why do people go to buyers agent? 8. As you said, everyone wants to get rich quick. Do you find that you have to re-educate and focus on the long term view with your clients? Whats your set game plan? 9. What are some suburbs / opportunities in Brisbane?