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Welcome to The Rentvesting Podcast!

If you’re a property owner, investor or looking to get into the market The Rentvesting Podcast will help cut through the hype, look at the facts and draw on decades of experience to help you make smarter property decisions.

Each week Red & Co Director, and Award Winning Finance Broker Jayden Vecchio will unpack the facts behind the property market, explain what’s really going & where the market is heading.

Are you ready to make better property decisions and learn to live where you want, but invest where you can afford?

Apr 29, 2017

This week we’re talking about behavioral traps that can stop Rentvestors from starting their journey - breaking it down to short term issues, old timers and their prospect theories, when you follow the crowd and the issues around that, and analysis paralysis.

This is all stuff we see every day of the week, so we’re...

Apr 22, 2017

This week we are talking about investment lending. We are looking at why the banks and APRA are tightening down on this. So we thought we’d help you understand how to avoid some of the nasty changes that may be coming.

As always, for the full show overview check out or contact...

Apr 15, 2017

In this week's episode of The Rentvesting Podcast we’ve got a special guest, Anthony Oddo, who is the residential sales director at Red & Co.

Anthony is taking us through some tips on how to avoid overpaying with some awesome negotiation tactics.

In this episode we cover:

  • The agents’ mindset
  • What they look for in...

Apr 9, 2017

Is the bubble about to burst? Where are Sydney & Melbourne property prices headed?

In this episode we go through:

  • What a bubble is?
  • How property cycles work and the current figures
  • What the market has done historically
  • Where we think it's moving forward to

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Apr 1, 2017

RISE OF THE ROBOTS!! This week we had a great question about ETF’s and managed funds. We're going to be looking at the pros cons and why you’d choose a managed fund or exchange traded fund. We're also covering the role of robots with our money, robo-advisers and what it entails. Finally, we'll cover what to look for...